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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Injury Workout

I sprained my left knee during our last performance of The Santa Claus Caper (see here for details). This put a damper on my original plan of training three days in a row before I leave for Christmas vacation with my girlfriend. Instead, I created a quick routine to hit the major muscle groups not connected to my left leg.

T = 55'00''

2 Circuits Total:
Door Pullups = BWx3x3x3
Pistols (wall assist) = BWx8x8x8
Rope Rows = BWx5x5x5
Pushups+Scapula Pushups = BWx15+10x15+10x15+10
Single Leg RDL = 16kg x10x10x10

This was a surprisingly intense session. I took care not to re-injure my knee and still managed to work up a decent sweat.

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