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Monday, April 20, 2009

6 Vids You Need To Watch

Triple Extension Using Resistance Band

No access to a Jammer? Atlas stones too heavy? Snatch technique driving you crazy? Grab a Jump Stretch band and get your triple extension training done in no time.

One-Arm Atlas Stones

I recommend working on two-hand technique before moving on to this single-arm version. Whatever you do, always start light and be cautious of the high stresses lifting an atlas stone will place on your spine.

Bridging Tornado Ball For Advanced Core Training

The guys over at Diesel Crew continue to amaze me. May I one day be as influential in the world of strength and strongman as Smitty and Jedd are. The video was shot during their conditioning circuit and is a little foggy. Just bare with it.

MacGyver's Oil Drums

If you can't afford a heavy-duty power rack, acquiring two large drums (or kegs, for that matter) and get creative!

The Paleo Diet 101

No narration, but it does present a concise argument for the foundations of the Paleo Diet. And you've got to love "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" as background music!

Star Trek Meets Medicine

Perhaps one day we will be able to upgrade our organs to better, more efficient "models."

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Smitty.Diesel said...

thanks for the kind words.