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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Hurts More: Rugby or American Football?

I'm a big fan of Rugby and would love to get more involved with the sport—both as a player and as a strength coach. That's why I find this clip from Sports Science so great!

After watching this clip, it becomes very clear why the strength and conditioning programs for these sports are so important. These players absorb incredibly high impact forces during a game and if their bodies are deconditioned or unable to withstand these forces, injury is bound to happen.

Before watching this clip I didn't think much about the psychological effects wearing padding has on a player. Because Quentin Jammer feels protected by his equipment, he doesn't hesitate or hold back during a tackle, which in turn allows him to produce serious, bone-breaking force.

This "pyschological protection" is very important, even when playing recreational sports. Much like having a spotter in the gym, safety equipment can help you achieve bigger, faster and more challenging personal records than you might be able to do in an unprotected state.

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