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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Build Yourself A Sandbag For Free

I wanted a sandbag. So I went to the beach and made one.

First, I collected all the essential gear:

  • 2 old gym bags
  • 4 contractor bags
  • Packing tape

After collecting the gear, I went to the beach.

I wanted the final sandbag to be adjustable so I could use it with my clients. So instead of just one large sack full of sand, I created two smaller sacks out of doubled-up contractor bags. These smaller sacks can be added or subtracted from the main gym bag as needed. After taping the sacks closed, they look like this:

Individually, each gym bag is old and flimsy so I decided it was safer to place one inside the other, with the sand sacks in the middle:

The final product is a nifty little piece of equipment.

Because of the size of the gym bags, the final weight of the sandbag is about 40 lbs. This is too light for me to do serious strength training so I would like to create another sandbag closer to the 100 lbs mark.

I also think I put too much sand into the sacks, so everything is a lot stiffer than I would have liked. Always remember that 3/4-full is a good ballpark when filling a sandbag. The floppiness of the bag is what gives the equipment its trademark characteristics.

For a first attempt at home-made equipment, I'm very proud of this project. I already know how to improve my design for next time. I truly believe the upgrade is going to be awesome!

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