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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Need Brass Balls

I've been reading about sales and marketing. And like in any business, fitness professionals must know how to sell their services effectively.

Personal Trainers must identify prospects, ascertain their problem and offer a solution; understand and abate any hesitations they may have; and then finally close the deal. Most importantly, this new client must perceive benefit from this relationship or it will quickly dissolve, so the training program better work in a timely fashion.

Happy clients lead to good referrals and more prospects!

I'm very good at writing programs, but not so good at closing the deal (or maintaining the new account for that matter). I know my service is good, but how do I convince my clients and prospect of that?

And like Alec Baldwin says in the clip above, I will need to find my brass balls and become better at marketing my services and selling my product. But I don't need to do it alone, I welcome your tips and suggestions. Please leave comments below.

1 comment:

robin said...

Hey Derek,

I'm about a week away from starting a personal training career in NYC. I'm excited for the new opportunity, pleased to have an interesting job, and pumped to see what I'm made of--but absolutely petrified of being able to market myself and close on clients. I've never seen Glen Garry Glen Ross, but am familiar with it's ABC fame, and it puts me in mind of the movie Boiler Room and it's philosophy of "Act As If." If I can find no other motivation in the near future to keep hustling to build my business and be a successful personal trainer, I might very well wind up watching those two movies back to back every night until I find my brass balls :)

Hope things are going well for you. Keep it up!!