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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Continuing Adventures of My Busted Knee

After two weeks of an unscheduled hiatus from my training program (due to starting my new job at Lakeview Athletic Club and re-injuring my knee at rehearsal for Man of La Mancha), I returned this week to my hypertrophy program.

On Monday, I started the following mini-program to improve mobility and increase muscle strength in my injured knee:

Foam Rolling (head-to-toe) + Thoracic Extensions
Lunges w/ Lateral Resistance on Knee = (12.5# x 15) x 3
Terminal Knee Extensions = (12.5# x 15) x 3

I plan to continue this mini-program for the remainder of the week. Starting next week, I will begin incorporating my original programming into the above routine.

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