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Monday, May 25, 2009

How To Increase Your Strength - Instantly!

In this clip, Andy Bolton warms up for his world record deadlift attempt. Notice that every rep he performs is at a very fast velocity. The bar almost flies out of his hands on that first rep!

Don't be fooled by those super-slow training philosophies. The only way to increase your strength is to train maximally (+90% 1RM) and at high velocity.

If you're worried about "momentum," don't be. Very heavy loads will never move fast enough for you to loose control of the weight. Merely thinking about moving the bar fast is all you need to produce a training effect, even if in reality the bar takes quite a while to complete the repetition. If your not moving your training loads fast, making this small mental adjustment will instantly give you more power and will let you lift more.

When your muscles grow, so does your strength. So train heavy and train fast!



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