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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Club Industry Expo 2008 Recap

Last Thursday, I attended the Club Industry Expo at McCormick Place. This was my first year attending and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of vendors that were there. Here is a recap of the more memorable products on display at the convention.

Woodway Force Treadmill
I also discovered that all of Woodway's treadmills have a "Dynamic Mode," which mimics the motorless characteristics of the Force. Dynamic Mode can be accessed by pressing the up and down speed buttons simaltaniously for an extended period of time.

Marpo Kinetics Rope Climber
One of the easiest ways to de-load a rope climb I've seen yet.

Pneumex Pro-Vibe and PT 50
The Pro-Vibe series is the first vibration platform I've seen with a large, unobstructed oscillation surface. The PT 50 treadmill has a built-in unweighting harness and can be used for both rehabilitation and over-speed training. The PT 50 is also built like a tank.

Keiser Air Series Equipment
Resistance training powered by compressed air. One compressor can power up to 8 machines; and each machine's resistance can be adjusted in 1-unit increments.

Vita-Mix Food Blender
A blender that can make peanut butter? I'm sold!

Treadwall Rotating Climbing Wall
Because some people don't have access to a mountain.

Strive Selectorized Equipement
The first product line I've seen with an adjustable cam.

Skorcher Pro
Originally designed as a "butt blaster," this bench is surprising versatile. You can even add external load to some of the movements. I don't know if it can replace the functionality of a squat or deadlift, but it's certainly a great, safe-saving way to add supplemental exercises to a program.

And my pick for Best In Show:

Sciona Mycellf Personal Genetic Assessment
For a (relatively) inexpensive fee, you or your client can have a DNA sample analyzed and compared against genetic markers. The markers determine optimal micronutrient, training and recovery profiles.

Attending the expo was a wonderful experience. It was great to meet all the companies and their reps. I hope to go back next year.

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