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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Read My Meat #1

Important articles (and their micro-summeries) to read and pass on...

Back To Form Fitness: "Stand Up!!" [6 Oct 2008]
You sit all day, so why not stand while training? Standing is good for everything you do and even better for your training program. "Joint function and assessment with Chuck Wolf" [1 Oct 2008]
If you're not assessing, you're guessing (thanks Alwyn!). Start from the big toe and work your way up.

Eric Cressey's Newsletter #127: "5 Keys to Bulletproofing Your Knees" [7 Oct 2008]
VMO, VML, ACL: Alphabet soup for all your hip-knee issues and debates.

Female Fitness and Nutrition Scientist: "No more Waifs!" [6 Oct 2008]
Tracy Anderson says woman should not lift weights heavier than 3 lbs. Cassandra Forsythe disagrees and has links to back her claim.

Fitness Spotlight: "Do Our Ancestors Tell Us Everything We Need To Know About Fitness and Nutrition?" [3 Oct 2008]
For natural selection to occur, behaviors must be present in the first place. Is the "Palaeolithic lifestyle" as accurate as we think?

Modern Forager: "Developing Hip Function: A Hallmark of Athleticism" [6 Oct 2008]
Your hips and core are all-important for athleticism. A strong posterior chain will increase strength and power for most everything you do. "10 Reasons to Start Deadlifting" [6 Oct 2008]
You pick stuff up (1,9), Pull stuff out (2), Walk/climb stairs (3,4). Weak abs/core (5,6), The Pareto Principle (7-8), More T & HGH (10)!

Straight to the Bar: "Quadruped Draw In and Variations" [30 Sept 2008]
Advanced core work for those looking to go beyond a static plank hold. Learn to "brace your abs" in a safe, effective way.

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