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Friday, November 14, 2008

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Via Fitness and Wellness in America:

Chris suggests the fitness industry is still considered by many to be a higher-order category when placed on Maslow's pyramid. He also suggests trainers and coaches should begin branding their services as a lower-order necessity: a way to maintain homeostasis.

I believe we should all consider ourselves Allied Health Care Professionals and should treat our clients with the same respect and care as physicians do their patients. Employers are already discovering the benefits of keeping their employees healthy; and I have personally experienced the favorable effects (physical, emotional and psychological) fitness and wellness can have on an individual and that individual's daily life.

It is true that in times of crisis, the "luxury" of going to the gym may be compromised. It is true that many families do not have the resources to pay for a highly skilled fitness professional. It is true that physical fitness may take a back-seat to other, "more pressing" matters.

I consider my own physical conditioning Preemptive Medical Intervention, and would never jeopardize the rewards that come from a strong, mobile body. You shouldn't either.

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