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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Max Effort Day #1

Started a new program today, based on Mike Mahler's T-Nation article. Mon/Wed/Fri will be cardio and sport-specific training; Tue/Thr/Sat will be heavy lifting.

Yesterday was my first GPP day.
T=38'16'' / Rest = 60-120 sec

0. Ginastica Natural = 8 min

1a. KB Swing to 120° = 16kg x 30 sec L, 30 sec R
1b. Pullups (ledge grip) = BW x 60 sec

2. Side Bends = 16kg x Tabata (L/R alternating)

3. Bottom-up Press = 16kg x 1R x 0L

Today was a max effort day.

Press = Incline Bench Press @ 135#x5x5x5
UB Pull = Seated Row (w/ Rope Handel) @ 100#x5x5x5
Squat = Zercher Squat @ 115#x5x5x5
LB Pull = Good Mornings @ 95#x5 115#x5 120#x5
Grip = Pinch-grip Plate Curl @ 15#x5x5x5 (3 5#-plates)

Plus an additional 1h30 in light walking.

Both yesterday and today were good sessions. I look forward to tomorrow.

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