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Friday, September 19, 2008

Active Recovery Week: Day #3

I missed day #2. Bad back. Hurt something on Monday. Not sure what.

Today was good, though. I had only 20 minutes before I met with my first client of the day and felt a Tabata protocol would be appropriate for the short time frame. I grabbed two 25# kettlebells from the assessment room and went into a an empty studio on the second floor. My digital watch beeps for 10 seconds when the timer goes off, so I was able to use it as my counter. Again, no set scheme. Just work hard, and work fast!

I incorporated swings, thrusters, partial turkish get-ups, snatches and renegade rows into the circuit.

Man, was I dead afterward. I was sweaty, shaky, and experienced short-term muscle soreness everywhere. What was most amazing was the sudden burst of energy I experienced about 3 hours later. Was the Tabata circuit responsible? Was it the chocolate mike I had as my recovery drink?

Honestly, I'm not too worried about Cause and Effect right now. More importantly, I was able to complete my Energy System Training requirement for the day in a short amount of time with very little equipment.


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