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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Energy System Work: Mike Robertson's Way

Mike Robertson reminds us that treadmills are not a necessary piece of cardio equipment. From his blog entry:

One of the first questions I'm asked when people tour our gym is "Where are your treadmills?" I always explain to them that the way we structure their strength and energy system workouts makes the need for treadmills irrelevant. Not that they can't be useful - but for $3,000 (the minimum you're going to pay for a decent commerical-grade treadmill), I could buy several Prowlers, Airdyne's, and a whole set of kettlebells!

I agree with Mike.

Currently, I'm designing a program at integrates energy system work like Mike uses into a protocol created through New Leaf Metabolic Testing, which is based on heart rate. The main issue is maintaining the perscribed heart rates for the perscribed times during complex movements like a sled-pull or sledgehammer swing.

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